Prom Announces Expanded Product Line

As part of their global commitment to provide comprehensive microbiological management solutions, Prom is introducing 4 new biocide actives at this year’s American Coatings Show. Bronopol, DBNPA, CMIT, and Glutaraldehyde formulations are now available to complement the BIT product technologies Prom is known for. Our new biocide actives broaden Prom’s performance capabilities to better address an ever widening range of preservative treatment needs.

Specifically, DBNPA (Promex DB20) is recognized as a non-corrosive, cost effective alternative to halogens and other oxidizing agents for sanitizing spoiled material and cleaning fouled system surfaces. Bronopol (Promex BNP) is an excellent bactericide that covers the efficacy “gaps” of most Isothiazolin chemistries. Glutaraldehyde (Promex GA50) has a well established track record for penetrating biofilm and destroying sulphate reducing bacteria. CMIT (Promex CMT1.5) is regarded as one of the most potent antimicrobials requiring very small amounts to provide broad spectrum protection against spoilage.

In all cases, Prom’s focus is to provide customized solutions to satisfy today’s most complex microbial management needs. Access to a wider range of EPA registered, reputable biocide formulations allows us to accomplish our mission. Stop by our booth (#2376) to learn more about how Prom can customize a total microbiological management approach to your systems.

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