Promex Alpha - The Next Generation Biocide Solution

Speciality chemicals company Prom demonstrates its continued commitment into the research and development of better and more ecological biocide products, with the launch of its ground breaking new biocide formulation technology PROMEX™ Alpha.

Prom will incorporate its unique formulation technology into new biocide solutions to eliminate VOC while actively combatting microbial contamination in a wide range of products, such as paints, adhesives and home care products.

PROMEX™ Alpha’s major advantage is that it combine’s first class biocide performance with ecological benefits as the PROMEX™Alpha range contains no solvents or formaldehyde. This new technology allows PROMEX™ Alpha to have a high concentration of active ingredients without the use of any solvents, while maintaining ultra low viscosity and keeping the biocide solutions freeze stable down to -30°C.

‘Our customers can hardly believe that it is possible, but PROMEX™ Alpha contains only water and active ingredient’ said Dr Jeff Parr, Senior biocide consultant, Prom.

The introduction of the VOC Solvents Emission Directive and other legislation has increased the need for industry to innovate. PROMEX™ Alpha not only represents a new generation in biocide formulations, but it also offers customers a cost advantage above other biocide formulations on the market. There are, in fact, cost savings across the board, as there is less dilution of product needed to be protected and in turn offers savings on packaging, transport and storage as well.

PROMEX Alpha ViscocityClaus Prom, managing director of Prom says; ‘It is an ideal solution for companies who want an ecological and economical alternative to traditional biocide formulations without having to compromise on strength or stability, and we are very excited about the opportunities which PROMEX™ Alpha presents to the market’.

PROMEX™ Alpha is the result of 5 years research by Prom's scientists. ‘Our objective was to develop a biocide formulation technology which combined all the advantages of water and solvent based systems but without any solvents’ said Dr Carsten Berg, Chief Chemist, Prom.

Prom is a major supplier of the important biocide active 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT) and has successfully build a global biocide business during the past decade. Prom is a privately owned chemical company. PROMEX Alpha is the latest in a string of innovations to stem from Prom's R&D department.

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